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Learning Programmes

Our learning programmes broaden strategies for thinking and knowing to leverage uncertainty.

As Einstein said - "we cannot solve problems using the same thinking that created them".


We apply a blended approach of workshops, simulations, problem-solving exercises and case study discussions, both virtual and in-person.


Evolution does not consciously guide the development of organisms & nothing evolved for a specific purpose. Feathers, for example, were designed for heat management rather than flight yet birds learnt to fly. Groups and individuals can also be enabled to find their purpose and reach full potential.

Enterprise level Resilience Programme 

Supporting engineers and scientists to becSupporting each organisation to develop the states and traits that will increase collaboration across all units.ome fit-for-purpose to work in FDA-regulated industries including:

  • Enterprise-wide employee survey to measure change-readiness and adaptiveness

  • Intergroup and intragroup workshops to improve communication and problem solving

  • Individual level 1:1 Performance Coaching for key staff members

Full Brochure Coming Soon

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Resilience Programme for Key Members of Staff 

A five week intervention based on 1:1 remote coaching to help individuals adapt to uncertainty and master future change.

  • Promoting self-directedness through the HERO model (Hope, Efficacy, Resilience and Optimism)  

  • Self -directed change readiness tools

  • Building self-awareness and efficacy

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Programme for Teams Leveraging Uncertainty

Applying a life-stories approach to ensure person-role merger and prevent derailment during times of uncertainty and change.

  • Building Self-Knowledge and -Trust

  • Learning to manage learning environment

  • Facilitating Multi-Disciplinary group and teamwork

Full Brochure Coming Soon

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Programme to raise Multidisciplinary I.Q.

Developing collectives that integrate domain expertise and create shared knowledge in order to solve complex problems.

  • Ways of Knowing – creating a shared conceptual framework

  • Critical thinking – a heuristics-&-biases approach

  • Building Social Capital – effective communication & social habits 

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