We AMPlify performance and motivation by increasing Autonomy (self-directed learning), enabling Mastery (of critical thinking) and aligning Purpose (cognitive, socio- and moral reasoning) - inspired by Daniel Pink.

Our greatest source of Resilience is how quickly

we can learn. We understand the mental models

that support this and can accelerate the process.


We deliver increased productivity and innovation through:

  • Increased cognitive versatility and social agency for solving “hard” problems; read more 

  • Adaptable multi-disciplinary teams that cope well in “wicked learning environments” - see below

  •  Purposeful leaders who model and facilitate a critical thinking culture

  •  “Uncertainty readiness” for individuals and collectives through interconnecting people and ideas

"Adaptive Learning is about Coping. Generative Learning is about Creating

and requires new ways of looking at the world". - SENGE 1990

Challenges We Meet

Engineers & scientists struggling to “join the dots” between technical & regulatory requirements.

Solution: Integrative Thinking

Individually well-qualified staff yet teams delivering less than the sum of their parts

Solution: Calibrating Social Dynamics

STEM professionals driven to find “right answers” rather than holistic solutions.

Solution: Unifying Risk Literacy 

Uncertainty derailing the openness & collaboration needed to get ahead of change.

Solution: Unblocking Innovation






Our Response

We need to prepare STEM professionals for a new world of work. 


A core skill for evolving and regulated settings is that of sound Contextual Judgement. By helping to reframe the work context, we can improve this capacity.

We achieve this through our multifaceted approach with each of the following being interdependent:

Integrative Thinking
Unifying Risk Sensibility
Calibrating Social Dynamics
Unblocking Innovation

What are “Wicked” Learning Environments?

The past can sometimes repeat itself sufficiently for us to rely on solutions that were successfully employed before. This is characterised as a “kind” learning environment yet with increasing complexity and ambiguity, this is less likely.


Wicked learning environments involve complex interactions with many variables, inputs, and systems. This reduces the “correlation between outcomes and specific decisions or actions” so there are no hard and fast rules and we can struggle to make future plans without clear and short feedback loops.


We are dealing more often with the non-routine and novel as situational patterns are not repeating as expected. Hence, we help organisations and teams embrace discontinuous as well as continuous improvement. This is achievable with the right mindset and toolkit.

"Day by day what you choose what you think and what you do is who you become" – Heraclitus

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