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Executive Advice

& Career Coaching

With life and work in constant flux, we need to renew our sense of purpose to guide us through.


Each of us has mental and social habits that help or hinder.

performance. We support you to identify and manage these and adopt a mindset that achieves your best self.

Careers are no longer linear and now require more flexibility and greater self-direction. Our Protean approach develops individuals based on a H.E.R.O. Model of Hope, Efficacy, Resilience and Optimism. We enable you to approach your future as a prototype with an evolving form, fit and function.


Finding Purpose is values-driven and self-directed to ensure you define your career goals.  Proteus was a figure in Greek mythology and a God of “elusive sea change”. The adjective protean means"versatile", "mutable", or "capable of assuming many forms". Careers are no longer linear and we help yours to emerge.

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Validating the Self (1:1 Coaching) for STEM Professionals working in high regulation

Supporting engineers and scientists to become fit-for-purpose to work in FDA-regulated industries including:

  • Ways of Knowing : supporting multi-disciplinary work

  • Interpretation of Risk using a heuristics-and-biases approach

  • Mastering Change (effective mental and social habits)

Full Brochure Coming Soon

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Career Essentials for STEM Professionals (1:1 Coaching)

Facilitating STEM professionals to self-determine professional goals and personal development 

  • Road-mapping a Protean career path

  • Personality Profiling

  • Coping with Change and Stress

  • Communication & Interviewing (a cognitive behavioural approach)

T4P EAC-53.png
Soft Skills for STEM Professionals
(Group Work-shop & 1:1 Coaching)

Equipping STEM professionals to develop the necessary soft skills to perform to their potential

  •  7 Effective Mental habits & 7 Effective Social habits 

  • Finding your Unique Purpose

  • Coping with Change and Stress

Full Brochure Coming Soon

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