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Keynote Speaking by

Fiona Fennell

Fiona has written articles on the subjects of risk, resilience and uncertainty from a professional and personal perspective. She enjoys converting these topics into guest-speaking sessions. 

10% of all keynote speaking fee’s donated to Headway, the acquired brain injury charity.


Popular Topics

Fiona's areas of interest include Problem-Based Learning, Interdisciplinary Teamwork, Communities of Practice, Cognitive/Education Psychology, Developing Soft and Transversal skills within STEM. She enjoys hearing from people interested in these domains. Popular topics include;

“7 Habits of a Resilient Person”

Based on Fiona’s Personal Story of overcoming redundancy and reinventing her working life to facilitate her concurrent roles of Carer and Parent.

Read the full article here

“Could Socrates be Successful as a Quality Engineer?”

An exploration of ethics, rhetoric, heuristics, morals and decorum as foundational concepts for Quality and Validation.

Read the full article here

“What can Celtic Mythological and Spiritual Heroes teach modern leaders?”

Highlighting different leadership styles and their fit for a VUCA work (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous).

Read the full article here

“What are the Soft Skills we need to solve Hard Problems?”

Critical thinking is important but which critical thinking skills? How to leverage these for the different kinds of learning environment and social context.

Read the full article here

“The Role of Humour in the Irish Society and Work Life”

How Humour can surface and unfreeze mental models and facilitate collective learning and innovation.

Read the full article here

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