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About Us

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We help individuals and collectives to define and achieve their fit-for-purpose state in response to a world of increasing uncertainty and complexity.

Our belief is that resilience is a position state that is attainable for all rather than being a trait particular to the exceptional few. 

We deliver fun, problem-based learning programmes that engage and energise:

  • Assisting individuals and collectives to learn-to-learn and think-to-think better for criteria-based decision making.

  • Enabling dynamics that support collaboration and innovation from a position of  “Safe Uncertainty” (Mason).

Our socio-cognitive approach draws from fields such as Organisation Behaviour, the Classics, systems theory and educational psychology. 

Fiona Fennell is the Founder & Owner of Think4Purpose.

She has gained 25+ years’ experience in coaching STEM professionals within and across these sectors: Semiconductor, IT&T, Pharma, Medtech and Customer Operations.

Fiona is Master’s qualified in Organisational Behaviour through the auspices of the National Centre for Quality Management, University of Limerick. Her research thesis for Motorola focussed on the “Role of Language in Team Level Innovation”.

Fiona both designed and delivered the soft skills component of a unique Problem-based Learning  Programme. She has 3+ years’ experience leading action learning interventions to purpose-train 100+ Engineers and Scientists for multicultural and interdisciplinary work.

Fiona has acknowledged expertise in developing the soft skills of STEM professionals for multi-dimensional functions including Quality Assurance and Validation.


 Fiona is a Certified Psychologist with the British Psychological Society having completed the BPS Certificates in Occupational Test Use Level A and B in 2018.


About Our Founder

Our Mission

We apply principles of systems theory to help individuals and collectives self-directly transform their own behaviour, becoming more adaptive and productive.

The Think4Purpose Mission is to help professionals achieve their purpose via – “Clear Heads, Clean Hearts, Right Spirits” – Adapted from Psalm 51:10

“There is nothing permanent - except change”  Heraclitus

Our Vision

Why we exist?

Our Purpose is to help individuals and collectives become resilient. This is a quality that is innate for all self-organising systems yet not always realized. We need it more than ever in these VUCA times – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

What we do?

The human condition is one of frailty but not fragility. People are naturally creative and can think-to-think and learn-to-learn better within a supportive environment. We help frame cognitive and social contexts to release and integrate our collective potential.


What inspires us?

The Greek word for Purpose is “Telos” and this implies to find meaning in life and work requires an ethical foundation. We enable a “fit-for-purpose” state with models and skills from the Classics including: “Logos” (logic), “Ethos” (character), “Pathos” (social contract) and “’Kairos” (timeliness).


How we know what we know?

Science was once the “philosophy of nature” and logic, the foundation of mathematics. Our ways of knowing have philosophical underpinnings. To answer any complex technical question, we need to understand how knowledge is created. We enable STEM professionals apply a conceptual “wide angle lens” for effective interdisciplinary work and innovation.

"Fiona helped me as a graduate scientist understand how to approach working in industry and across different disciplines. She made me feel more confident that I can ask the right questions for criticality and integrate my education with work experience well. She made a difference in helping me realise what I can contribute and how to deal with stress. Fiona is a very reliable, compatible and trustworthy person and was a delight to have worked with."

Noreen Hanrahan

Technical Operation Consultant

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