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Think4Purpose empowers People to do their Best Thinking

We help professionals integrate 

what is known with how to think collectively

in order to achieve their why.

We help individuals and collectives to define, express and achieve their fit-for-purpose state in response to a world of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).


Our socio-cognitive approach draws from fields such as Organisation Behaviour, the Classics, systems theory and cognitive psychology. 


We deliver fun, problem-based learning programmes that engage and energise:

  • Assisting individuals and collectives to learn-to-learn and think-to-think better for criteria-based decision making.

  • Embedding relationships and dynamics that support collaboration and innovation from a position of  “safe uncertainty” (Mason).

Work becomes more meaningful when people master useful mental and social habits. The original Greek word for Purpose - “Telos” implied the “ultimate object or aim” of society includes an ethical component. 

Our Mission is to help professionals achieve their purpose via – 
“Clear Heads, Clean Hearts, Right Spirits” – Adapted from Psalm 51:10

Our Services

& Learning

All our programmes are holistic and supported with e-learning modules and/or remote delivery. Delivery is through workshops, thinking puzzles, group problem-solving exercises, role-plays and case study discussions.

Executive Advice
& Coaching

Evolution does not consciously guide the development of organisms & nothing evolved for a specific purpose. Individuals are supported to find their purpose through one to one or group coaching.


Fiona is a prolific writer of articles and these topics are convertible into guest-speaking sessions of various duration. Popular topics include "7 Habits of a Resilient Person” and "What are the Soft Skills we need to solve Hard Problems?"


We offer organisations tailored action and problem-based learning programmes that both engage and energise staff:

  • Helping individuals and collectives to learn-to-learn and think-to-think better.

  • Embedding the relationships that make your organisation more resilient to future ambiguity and uncertainty.

  • Guiding multidisciplinary teams to become communities of learning to get ahead of change.

  • Supporting authentic leaders to leverage values and deal with VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity).

Our mission is to activate self-directed learning and resilience in individuals through:

  • Heightening self-awareness and self-efficacy based on the HERO model.

  • Designing Protean careers that ensure potential is realised regardless of role, employer or climate.

  • Coaching for the mental and social capital necessary in challenging work and lives.

  • Increasing professional and personal efficacy.



"Fiona helped me as a graduate scientist understand how to approach working in industry and across different disciplines. She made me feel more confident that I can ask the right questions for criticality and integrate my education with work experience well. She made a difference in helping me realise what I can contribute and how to deal with stress. Fiona is a very reliable, compatible and trustworthy person and was a delight to have worked with."

Noreen Hanrahan

Technical Operation Consultant

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